Lakeland Photo Workshops with Tony West

Landscape Workshops

Share my knowledge of this beautiful county that has been my home for 30 years

I get asked to coach in Landscape Photography often. I live in the heart of the Lakes after all. I don't shoot them for a living and it's a discipline I reserve for my time off when there's no pressure to deliver commercial work. Landscape photography requires patience, good observational skills and luck. A knowledge of the location is also quite handy and this I'm lucky to have in abundance.

I usually start in the studio with a theory and skills session. The time dedicated to this varies depending on experience. Then it's off to locations to suit the conditions of the day. It's usual to work through to sunset. For those confident in their basic skills I can offer a full day of coaching 'on the road' where we'll visit several locations.

One to one is a liberating way to work with aspirant landscape photographers. I'm also very happy to work with small groups of friends who have similar ambitions.

Fee £350.00 - One to One

Please email or call to book this workshop



• Set rules of composition
• Breaking those rules
• Black and White
• Details


• Why it’s best to shoot in RAW
• Understanding Aperture
• Hyperfocal Distances
• Working in Aperture Mode
• Working in Manual Mode
• Optimising exposure and understanding histograms
• Using Filters
• Lens choice and what they produce


Here we look at the ideal digital workflow.
• The Digital Workflow
• Using LIGHTROOM to edit, process and manage your images


This component of the workshop is based on putting into action what we've covered in the morning session. The particular location or locations we decide on the day depending on preferences and what weather conditions prevail. It will often run through to sunset which in the summer can make for a long day.


My objective is to get you really comfortable with your camera and equipment so your focus is concentrated on observation and crafting a shot to be proud of. 


Hot/cold drinks and biscuits at mid morning. The plan is to get you through the theory as quickly as possible to allow more time out on location so please bring with you a pack lunch and plenty of snacks for a late evening. Transport from studio to location and back again.


Your travel to the venue, accommodation, insurance for cancellation and insurance for your photographic equipment.


Windermere and Bowness provide a vast range of accommodation from boutique hotels to B&B. If you’re attending this workshop whilst your family or friends are doing other things then self-catering could be a great option.

What to bring

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Recent student work

  •  The Crossing - Gina Walker
  • Still Life - Tiree Dawson
  • Zachary - Jacqui Scott
  • Pier - Tiree Dawson
  • After the Rain - Tiree Dawson
  • Sienna - Jacqui Scott
  • Wedding Belle - Tiree Dawson
  • Bird in hand - Jacqui Scott
Tony West