Lakeland Photo Workshops with Tony West

One Day - Getting Past Auto

Okay, you’re really getting into photography and you’ve just bought your first DSLR. The world is your oyster and you’re brimming with enthusiasm. You’re eyes are hungry for appealing subjects and you’ve at last found an outlet for your creativity. But there’s a problem. What you creatively visualise doesn’t translate into what your camera captures. It’s frustrating and we have all been there.

This 1 day one to one workshop is designed for you. It’s a day of focusing on what you need to know where we’ll go back to the basics then launch you into a place where you’ll achieve your goals. The day is a mix of discussion and practical sessions where you have my undivided attention for advice and support. My aim is to let you return home with a great portfolio piece so please give thought to what you would like to shoot.

FEE £350.00 ONE TO ONE

The above fee excludes models which can be arranged for £75.00 per half day if that's what you want to shoot. Alternatively you are welcome to provide your own.

Please email or call to book this workshop


Camera Skills

• Knowing your camera
• Why it’s best to shoot in RAW
• Life after AUTO – the creative camera settings
• Working in aperture value
• Working in Time value
• Working in Manual mode
• Optimising exposure and understanding histograms
• Sharper shooting and focus modes
• Lens choice and what they produce

Software Skills

Here we look at the ideal digital workflow.
• The Digital Workflow
• Using LIGHTROOM to edit, process and manage your work

A Word on Software:

LIGHTROOM is the essential software tool for any serious photographer and we’ll be looking at it closely. You shoot the creative imagery and use LIGHTROOM as a tool to take care of the rest. With a database for organization, a Develop module for image processing and enhancement, a slideshow presentation component, a print engine, and web galleries, LIGHTROOM is critical to your workflow.

Exploring PHOTOSHOP could easily take a week on its own but thanks to LIGHTROOM we now only use it for specific tasks. It’s still an invaluable tool to any photographer so we’ll be taking a quick look at some key techniques that are helpful to any photographer.
It should go without saying but let’s say it anyway: a basic understanding of computer skills will be required by all those that attend. Please also carefully read the ‘What to bring’ link to get the most out of this workshop.

Practical Sessions

Some are mixed within the camera skills sessions whilst others run up to an hour. However long these may last I’ll be there to help, coach and answer your questions. If the weather behaves we’ll have fabulous landscapes to shoot only minutes from the studio.

The mission

I’m guessing that you already possess a keen enthusiasm for the subject otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this. My objective is to expand your horizon and equip you with the knowledge to craft your talent to meet your aspirations. I’m here to convert your enthusiasm into a great portfolio.

What’s included?

Hot/cold drinks and biscuits at mid morning and the same again mid afternoon. A lunch of sandwiches with more hot/cold drinks.

What’s NOT included?

Your travel to the venue, accommodation, insurance for cancellation and insurance for your photographic equipment.


Windermere and Bowness provide a vast range of accommodation from boutique hotels to B&B. If you’re attending this workshop whilst your family or friends are doing other things then self-catering could be a great option.

What to bring

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Recent student work

  •  The Crossing - Gina Walker
  • Still Life - Tiree Dawson
  • Zachary - Jacqui Scott
  • Pier - Tiree Dawson
  • After the Rain - Tiree Dawson
  • Sienna - Jacqui Scott
  • Wedding Belle - Tiree Dawson
  • Bird in hand - Jacqui Scott
Tony West